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Full Service Salford and Montag Equipment Dealer

Turnkey Conventional and Strip Till Systems

Offering Valmar Seeding Units and Wiese Industries Replacement Tillage Parts

Muench AgriSolutions, LLC is a Salford, Montag, and Valmar equipment dealer located on Mark Muench’s family farm northwest of Ogden, Iowa. In addition to Salford, Montag, and Valmar equipment, Muench AgriSolutions also offers starter fertilizer sales and delivery as well as Wiese Industries replacement tillage parts.

These pictures show spring fieldwork underway. The field was fall strip tilled with Salford I 1500. Planting into these strips was awesome, soil was mellow but yet enough residue in them to prevent erosion and what residue was in them had turned into a nice mulchy almost potting soil like you would buy at garden soil. I could stick my hand into strip several inches past wrist, surface residue was pinned between strips last fall by coulters on I 1500. This system is working great, since berms are elevated they dry out well and I was able to start planting probably a day or two sooner than conventional farmers in area. No erosion, less inputs, less time, less fuel, less equipment and more yield = success.


  • Salford tillage equipment is built in Osceola, Iowa, by skilled people with quality materials.
  • Salford offers equipment for any type of tillage needs you may have.
  • Salford now offers Mark’s strip till set up as an option on tillage equipment


  • Wiese Industries began in 1899 in Perry, Iowa.
  • Wiese tillage tools’ quality is second to none.
  • Wiese offers excellent service and performance.


  • Montag dry fertilizer systems are built to last in Emmetsburg, Iowa.
  • Montag systems are highly accurate, adaptable to precision agriculture, and available in a unique steerable axle cart.


  • Valmar designs, tests, and markets granular applicators.
  • Each unit features airflow technology for precision application.
  • Valmar units can be used for seed, fertilizer, inoculant, herbicide, and insecticide application.