Finding A Better Way
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About Muench Ag Service

A drive to get the most from the soil while protecting it for future generations led Mark Muench to begin strip tilling in 2001 in a corn/soybean rotation. In 2006, he moved to a continuous corn system.

“I discovered most strip till equipment worked well only under ideal conditions and tried several brands,” Mark observed. “They would plug up in heavy residue and not create a good berm in the fall for spring planting plus they created windrows of trash affecting seedling health.” He found the right equipment for his tillage needs with Salford and fertilizer application with Montag, guidance system from Orthman, and tillage parts from Wiese Industries.

“When I saw how well the Salford worked in tough conditions, I quickly realized it was the product for my needs,” Mark stated. “I added shanks with mole knives running seven to eight inches deep every 30 inches to get under any compaction then added the extreme coulters to create the berm.” With Salford, he can strip till in the fall and just go in with the planter in the spring, applying fertilizer with efficient Montag equipment. “My goal is to provide the best chance of success for every seed I plant while taking care of and improving the soil,” Mark said. He uses Orthman guidance systems for precision and his tillage tolls come from Wiese Industries.

"Mark’s family has farmed in Boone County, Iowa, for generations and now his children are growing up with the same love for the land and what it produces. Mark and Holly’s three young children inspire him to think long-term about their most valuable resource – the soil.

When Mark found the equipment able to accomplish his goals in a turnkey system, he became an equipment dealer. It wasn’t his plan. He wanted to help other growers benefit from his experience and provide the only turnkey strip and conventional till systems in the region.

"I am happy to share my experience with others interested in strip till and improving their results," Mark commented.