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Available Equipment

New Salford I-2224
24', Demo Unit, Full Warranty, Truck Tires, Weight Kit, Hyd. Fore/Aft Call For Price
New Salford I-4124,
24', Demo Unit, 4' Working Width, Weight Kit,Full Warranty
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New Salford I-4131
Truck Tires,Grease Bank, Weight Kit, Hyd.Fore/Aft
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New Salford I-2241,
41', Hyd. Tillage Shanks, Tillage Shanks on 30" Spacing, Hyd. Fore/Aft., Front Blades 13 Wave, Rear Blades 8 Wave, Weight Kit, Truck Tires, Set Up to Apply Fert./Cover Crop Seed
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New Salford I-2231,
Truck Tires, Weight Kit, Hyd. Fore/Aft, 12 Hyd. Tillage Shanks w/Chisel Points On 30" Spacing, Grease Bank
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Used Equipment For Sale

Used 2013 Salford I-1531,
12 row, 30-in., strip till with 9 ton Montag dual bin, variable rate fertilizer cart with Greenstar tech. included. Used only 1 fall, 400 acres on machine. Turnkey strip till system. Like new system with big discount.
Used Salford I-5100,
Demo Unit, Full Warranty, Bi-Fold, Truck Tires, Hyd. Leveling, 24" Blades Concave